Any requirement for visitors to review and sign your non-disclosure agreement or health and safety register is easily handled, assisting as a tool in your regulatory compliance system.

Don’t get lost in the paperwork and risk losing these essential documents - our visitor management system stores your information safely and without fuss.

Configuring your visitor agreement

To configure the visitor agreement, log into the SwipedOn web dashboard and navigate to the 'Settings' tab, then click on the 'Visitor Agreement' view.

Select the 'Visitor agreement type'

Plain Text

  • 'Plain text' is the default setting for visitor agreements, however, this can be disabled by setting to 'None' within the Agreement Settings. 
  • To edit the plain text visitor agreement, click in the text box to begin editing the agreement.
  • To change the logo that displays on the visitor agreement page, click on the 'Upload Logo' button on the right-hand side, the supported file types are: .png or .jpg file.

PDF Upload

  • Select 'PDF Upload' from the Agreement Settings just below 'Plain text'.
  • Click on 'Upload PDF' button that will appear on the 'PDF Upload' agreement setting is selected.
  • Choose the PDF file that contains the visitor agreement and click on 'Upload'.
  • This will now display the PDF file selected, this can be previewed via the 'Preview' button towards the top right corner of the screen.


  • PDF visitor agreements should be one file, of no more than ten pages long.
  • The maximum file size should not exceed 10 MB.
  • PDF files should be A4.
  • PDF files should be saved in portrait prior to upload. Landscape files will not load.

What does 'Append signature on printed agreement' allow?

If enabled, a visitor's signature will always be added onto the end of the visitor agreement, including onto a new page if required.

If disabled, a visitor's signature will always be added to the last page of your PDF but may overlap your content.

*Click on the Preview button to view how your agreement will be formatted with the above signature option applied.

How to download the visitor agreement?

  • Click on a visitor name and then click on the 'Download Agreement' button.


Can my visitors get a copy of their signed visitor agreement?

Yes, they can. During registration, visitors can choose to have the agreement emailed to them by enabling this option and entering an email address.

*SwipedOn does not collect nor use your visitors' email addresses entered for this purpose.
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