To keep your visitor management tidy, you can archive visitors with SwipedOn. 

Archiving will move the visitor into the archive view, where you can choose to leave them, or, choose to anonymize their data. Archiving can be viewed as a 'soft delete', as the movement information is still visible in the 'Timeline' view on the 'Visitors' tab.

It is important to note if using the 'Remember Me' feature on the iPad that archiving a visitor will remove their remembered data. 

How to archive a visitor

  • Select a visitor in the 'Visitors' view
  • Click the 'Archive Selection' button
  • Click 'Archive' in the confirmation box
  • Archived visitors' will appear within the 'Archive' tab at the top of the screen, to the right of the 'Visitors' tab.

*Please note, it is important to ensure the visitor is signed out before attempting to archive.
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