Visitor Fields are the pieces of information you wish to capture on the iPad when Visitors' sign in; these are broken down into fields and categories.

Required Visitor Fields

The 'Full Name' and the 'Company Name' (editable) fields are mandatory for visitors to fill out when signing in, we require two fields to save each visitor into the SwipedOn database accurately. 

Custom Visitor Fields

To capture additional information when your visitors are signing in, you can do so by adding Custom Fields. We offer multiple field options, these being text, email, phone and yes/no questions. Once added, these additional fields can be reordered by dragging and dropping them into place. 

*Please note, visitor fields can display a maximum of 100 characters on the iPad, please be aware when formatting your fields they do not exceed this limit.


The text field will allow for an open-ended question to be input for the visitor to answer. 


The email field will allow for the visitor to only input an email address within this field, information that does not match an will not be accepted. 


The phone field will allow for the visitor to only input a phone number within this field, and only the numerical keyboard will be available for the visitor on the iPad. 

Additional options

  • Required: This means that the field is required and the Visitor will not be able to progress unless they fill it out.
  • Clear response after each visit (Saved Visitors): This will clear any information input into this field for visitors that return and have enabled the 'remember me' option.


The Yes/No field will allow for a question to be input with a yes or no option for the visitor to select. 

Additional options

  • Require approval if: when yes or no is selected below this option, the Company Admin and Location Manager roles at the sign in location, will receive an email notification with an option to 'Approve' or 'Reject' the visit. 

Notification Settings

The admins at the location will receive an alert notification as below where the visit can then be approved or rejected.

They can then approve or reject the visit by selecting one of the above above options, below shows the next page that the user will see depending on the answer chosen.

If approved, the host (if selected) will then receive the usual email notification of their visitors arrival. If rejected, an admin will need to notify the visitor and can ask them to kindly reschedule and return at a later date - whatever your own company protocol is for denying entry to high-risk individuals.

A plain text alert notification without the ability to approve or reject can be set up by navigating to the Settings tab and clicking on Notification Settings.

Enter in an email address, here you can also choose to enter a mobile number too so this person can be aware they need to check their email regarding the alert notification response.

Below is an example of the plain text alert email notification the listed recipient will then receive if a visitor answers a yes/no question that triggers the requirement for approval.

Reordering and hiding fields

To reorder custom visitor fields, click and drag from the right of the field and drop in the preferred order.

To hide a field as opposed to removing, click on the eye icon and this will no longer display on the iPad. 


Visitor Categories

Visitor Categories are useful to create and enable in order to capture more information, this will display on the iPad for the visitor to select one of these set categories in order to sign in. 

Additional options

  • Disable Employee Selection: These categories can then be slightly modified so that the requirement to select an Employee can be disabled. Disabling the employee (host) selection is useful when a Visitor is required to sign-in but does not necessarily need to meet an Employee, e.g. Cleaning Staff. 

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