How to enable employee in/out

Turning on the Employee In/Out feature will display an 'Employees' button on the iPad screen that allows your employees to swipe in and out.

Log into your SwipedOn web dashboard and navigate to the 'Settings' > Employee Settings view and check the 'Employee In/Out' under the iPad that you would like this button to appear visible.

*Please note, each iPad you would like to have the 'Employees' button visible will need to have 'Employee In/Out' enabled.

How to sign in & out as an employee

To sign in or out from the iPad, start by tapping on the 'Employees' button to display the employee list for that location. Find your name using the scroll bar on the right-hand side, or by tapping on the search icon in the header bar and typing. Then, simply tap or swipe the In/Out slider to change your status. 

Simply swipe to sign in or out! 

Here you can also tap on any employee to view their profile details, which are set from the SwipedOn web dashboard.

How to ensure the right employee is signing in and out? 

To ensure the employee signing in or out is the correct person, 'Take photos of employees on sign-in/out' can be enabled from within the Settings > Photo and ID Printing tab of the SwipedOn web dashboard. 

Once enabled, when an employee movement is made on the iPad, it will take a quick photo and this will be visible to Company Admins and Location Managers within the Employee Timeline view of the SwipedOn web dashboard. 


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