If employees do not have a current profile photo or would like to update their profile photo, you can enable the 'Take employee profile photos' setting. By activating this setting, the iPad camera can capture an image to set as their profile photo. 

  • To enable this setting, navigate to the 'Settings' tab and click on 'Photo and ID Printing' as shown below.
  • Tap on the 'Employees' button in the top right corner of the iPad or swipe the iPad screen to the left to access the Employee In/Out view.
  • Locate the name of the employee who requires a new photo be taken against their profile, and tap on the employees' name.
  • To the right of the screen will be the employees' profile, tap on the 'update profile photo' button and the iPad camera will then be ready to capture another photo of the employee to apply against their profile for both the iPad and web dashboard views.
  • Tap on camera shutter to take the photo and then click on 'OK' to ensure the employees' new profile photo is saved. 

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