There are two steps to enabling Deliveries on your account.  

Step 1:  Ensure your SwipedOn iPad app is running version 2.13.0 or higher.

Please ensure your SwipedOn app is updated to 2.13.0 or higher.

To check the version of your SwipedOn app, open the app on the iPad, on the home screen, triple tap the SwipedOn logo in the top left hand corner, here you can view the version number. 

If the app version is less than 2.13.0, please navigate to the Apple app store app, open the app, at the bottom of your screen tap the 'updates' tab and search for an update of SwipedOn. If there is an available update for SwipedOn, please tap the update button.

Step 2: Enable Deliveries on the relevant iPad in your SwipedOn web dashboard.

Log into your web dashboard account by clicking here

Once you're logged to your web dashboard account click on menu item 'Settings' then 'iPads and locations'. Here you will see the option to check the deliveries function and enable Deliveries on each iPad as needed. 

Check this option on all iPads that you require Deliveries enabled on.

Once deliveries is enabled, navigate to the 'Deliveries Settings' view within the 'Settings' menu tab, here you will be able to modify and further customize the deliveries functionality in your account. For help on configuring your Deliveries settings click here.

Already have a SwipedOn subscription but want to start a Deliveries free trial?

If you are an existing customer you can easily start a 14 day free trial of this deliveries feature to see if this is a good fit for your business needs before subscribing to the Deliveries AddOn.


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