Upgrading to an enterprise plan unlocks additional features such as this ability to sync employee data via Active Directory, an unlimited employee count and unlimited devices.

How to upgrade or add more locations to an Enterprise plan

If you are an existing customer and you need to upgrade to an Enterprise plan. Or if you need to add another location to your current Enterprise plan, you can do so from within your SwipedOn web dashboard.

  • Navigate to the 'Account' view within your SwipedOn web dashboard and click on the 'Add Locations' button. 

  • This will display the current number of locations (if less than 5) currently associated with the subscription.

  • Select the number of locations that will be added to the SwipedOn subscription, and confirm the payment frequency.

*Please note, if moving from the annual to the monthly payment frequency, this will redirect to a downgrade request page, please submit this request and our team will enable this and confirm once this change has been applied.

  • If also subscribing to an AddOn, set the number of locations this will be available to be enabled against, click the 'Next' button once these have been added.

  • If no AddOns are required, click the 'Next' button to bypass this page.

  • Enter the credit card details, or select from the previous card used for payment, click on the 'Pay' button to proceed with payment.

  • Once payment has processed, the new locations and resources can be configured, click here for more information. The receipt for payment can be located within the 'History' tab of the 'Account' view.

Need more than 5 locations for your Enterprise plan? 

If you require more than five locations, please click on 'contact us for a quote' and an account executive will be in touch to discuss further pricing and configure this for you.  

Once the account executive has actioned the upgrade request, a banner will appear above the current subscription options within the 'Account' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard.

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*Our support team is available 24x5 via the live chat bubble or support@swipedon.com for any questions or support you may require. 

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