With SwipedOn Catering, it's easy to offer refreshments to your visitors as they sign in. Your menu is entirely customizable, allowing you to include different types of coffee, tea, milk and even a biscuit, cinnamon stick or marshmallows!

Whether you have a coffee machine where your admin staff prepare beverages for visitors, have a cafe or barista on-site, or partner with the local coffee shop next door, it’s easy to get Catering working for your visitors.

Get Catering

You can add Catering to your account either by taking a free trial or by adding it to your subscription from the AddOns page.

Update your iPad app

To use Catering on the SwipedOn app, you'll need to ensure you have an up to date version. Go to the App Store on your iPad to update the app. You'll need version 2.14.0 or later. 

*Please note, you'll need to have an iPad running at least iOS10 to use Catering.

Enable Catering on your iPad 

Once your iPad is updated, go to the iPads & Locations settings page on your SwipedOn web dashboard. Check the Catering checkbox and click 'Save'.

Enable Email Notifications

To ensure the right person receives an email notification with the Catering order, enable email notifications from within the Settings > Notification Settings view of the SwipedOn web dashboard. 

Already have a SwipedOn subscription but want to start a Catering free trial?

If you are an existing customer, you can easily start a free 14 day trial of this feature.

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*Our support team is available 24x5 via the live chat bubble or support@swipedon.com for any questions or support you may require.

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