How to enable 'Scan label'

Enable the 'Scan label' option from within the Settings > Delivery Settings view of the SwipedOn web dashboard.

How to use 'Scan label'

Tap on the Deliveries button on the iPad, and the scan label screen will appear with the front camera active. Hold the delivery label up to the camera, using OCR to find the recipient, SwipedOn will match the name on the label with the name from the employees' list.

At this time, 'Scan label' can only be used to scan one delivery at a time, if a delivery person selects that they are delivering two or more items, this will disable the camera and allow for the delivery person to select the number of deliveries and tap 'Confirm' to notify the general deliveries contact.

Once the delivery is made, administrators can view and reassign deliveries to employees' from within the Deliveries view of the SwipedOn web dashboard. 

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