The location selector tool

Firstly, navigate to a settings page that has location settings available, - you will see a dropdown menu of locations showing at the top of the page, beneath your company name. Pages that don't currently support location settings don't have this location selector menu in the page header.

If you select a location group from the selector, any changes you make on the page will be set for the group, and all locations within the group will use those settings. Or, you can expand the location group with the plus (+) icon and select an individual location. With a single location selected, changing any setting will apply that change only to this location, and that location will no longer be a part of the location group.

You can see this by looking again at the location selector menu - the location now displays below the break, as shown below. In this example, it means that four locations available on this five location account have the same visitor fields applied and the Sydney office has a different set of fields that have been applied.

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