How to set an automation for iOS

  • Firstly, install the 'Shortcuts' app on your iPhone.

  • Open and select 'Automation'.

  • Tap on 'Create Personal Automation.

  • A list of different automation options will appear to select from and set up.

  • Select 'Arrive' and enter your sign-in location, and the time range that the sign-in would normally, then tap 'Next'.

  • Choose the action the automation will run and select 'Add Action'.

  • Select 'Scripting' and then tap 'Open App'.

  • Locate on this list the SwipedOn Pocket App and tap 'Next', then 'Done'.

  • Your iPhone must have an internet connection when in the proximity of your location for the automation to work.

Recommend automation apps for Android:

The above apps can be used on Android devices to help set up similar automated rules as shown above and/or set reminders.

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