To allow our SwipedOn Implementation team to set up SwipedOn Desks, the following information will be required.



Office Details: The full office address, including the name.

London Office

15 The Strand



Levels: A list of all building levels required to be listed in SwipedOn Desks

First Floor

2nd Floor

Desk List: A list of all desks are required in SwipedOn Desks

  • Desk name (“D01-002”, “Desk L3/004”)

  • Level

  • Desk type (Bookable, Agile, or Fixed to a named person)

Domains: Provide a list of all domains that users will use when accessing SwipedOn Desks.




Company Logo (optional)

Please provide a company logo in PNG, JPEG, or GIF.

Office Photo (optional)

This does not need to be a photo of your office. It can be any image. It does however need to be one of the following formats: PNG, JPEG, GIF.

Optional Feature:

Interactive Mapping:

If you are planning to use an interactive map, please provide a full floorplan for each level. These must be annotated with labels for the desk names, room names, and zones.

For more information on interactive maps, speak with your account manager or our sales team

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