Uploading a your company logo

  • You can customize the branding of the iPad by adding your corporate logo within the "Settings'" > 'Branding & Design' tab.
  • To upload a logo simply click 'Upload new image' and select the file you wish to use.
  • All logo files must not be larger than 2 MB.
  • Logo perimeters for SwipedOn are 450mm x 450mm.
  • Supported file types: PNG, JPEG, GIF.

*Please note: we find it is better if you use vector images as they only display your logo, and not the rectangular or square space behind it.

No logo option

  • You may wish to only display screen savers and no logo at all. If you wish to remove one you've already added simply use the trashcan icon next to 'Upload your Logo'.


Customizing iPad colors

Accent colors

  • You can change the accent color of SwipedOn to match your corporate colors. This will change the banner and button colors found inside the iPad App.
  • To do this simply click on the blue colored square in the 'Accent Color for iPad' box and choose a color that matches what you are after.

*Please note: This is a HEX chart and you can simply type in your own hex number if you already know it!

Button Colors

  • This changes the button colour on the home page of the iPad.
  • To do this simply click in the white square at the right side of the 'Button Colour for iPad' box and choose a color that matches what you are after.
  • Note if you would like "White" simply drag the cursor within the color chart up to the top left corner. Or simply type in #ffffff.
  • Here you can also change the text color to either Black, White or Grey depending on works best with your chosen button color.


Custom Button Labels

  • You now have the ability to redefine your button labels to suit your organisation's needs.
  • To do so, log into your dashboard and click on settings and then on "Branding & Design". 
  • At the bottom of the page there are two sections available: change "Employee"  button text and change "Visitor" button text.
  • After your changes is complete, click the Save button.



SwipedOn comes with 6 Screensavers pre-loaded that rotate on the iPad

Changing screensavers

  • To delete: simply click the trash can icon.
  • To add: simply upload a new Image using the "Upload new image" button.
  • To change the order of screensavers simply drag and drop in the order you would like.

*Please note, images need to be less than 2MB in file size to successfully upload.

Size of Images

To get the best looking screensaver, please try to ensure your images are sized in the following way:

2048 x 1536 - iPad 3 & 4 (Air retina displays) & iPad Pro 9.7 inch

2732 x 1536 - iPad Pro 12.9 inch

If you need some inspiration, SwipedOn's graphic designer, Scott Brown, has put together a blog post so you can make a great first impression on your visitors. Check out Scott's blog post here

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