Keeping employees up to date with expected and, sometimes, unexpected visitors, is something that SwipedOn understands. We've included two ways for which employees can receive notifications of their guests; these are via email and SMS.

One of the benefits of receiving notification through your email is the 'free' factor! This system leverages your existing email address to deliver visitor notifications straight to your inbox. SMS, on the other hand, despite having costs involved, also provides an additional layer to the notification experience. 

Configuring Email Notifications

CC Email Notifications

This feature is useful when more than one person requires an email notification that a visitor has arrived. 

  • Global CC Email
    Sends a copy of all email notifications to a single email account. The employee the visitor selected will also receive the notification.

  • Central Email
    Sends all visitor notifications to a single email account. The employee the visitor selected will not receive a notification.

*Please note, SwipedOn in no way integrates or requires any configuration with your mail system. The email address specified upon employee account creation in the dashboard is the only reference point that is used to send the notification to your employee. The rest is left up to email routing protocols.

Alert Notifications

Alert notifications are linked to the yes/no visitor fields, if a yes/no visitor field is in use, an additional email or phone number can input within the Alert Notifications view.

Allowing for the designated email and/or phone contact listed here to receive the notification responses for the yes/no visitor field.

*Please note, the alert notifications do not contain the option to approve or reject the sign-in, they will receive a notification with the question and answer that triggered the approval request.

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*Our support team is available 24x5 via the live chat bubble or for any questions or support you may require. 

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