What are Admin Roles?

Admin roles are assigned to employees that require access to the SwipedOn web dashboard. These roles are comprised of company admins and location managers. 

  • The Company Admin role elevates the privileges of a user and allows them to configure company-wide changes. A company admin has access to all tabs within the SwipedOn web dashboard.
  • The Location Manager allows for lower-level privileges. Meaning a location manager can only perform basic functions and does not have access to any of the 'Settings' or 'Account' tabs. A location manager can create and assign additional Location Manager roles only for the location that they have been assigned. 

Where can I configure admin roles?

  • Navigate to the 'Admin Roles' tab on the left of the screen of the SwipedOn web dashboard
  • Create a role by selecting the Add Admin Role button located in the upper right corner.
  • If selecting Create Employee with Admin Role, please be aware that any users created here will also show in the Employees view and on the iPad view. 
  • If selecting Choose from Existing Employees, you will be able to search for an employees details that are already uploaded as an employee and assign them a company admin or location manager role. 

*Please note, when an account is created with SwipedOn, the email address used to register the company is automatically elevated to a 'company admin'. There must be at least one company admin associated with the SwipedOn account.

*A Location Manager cannot create or assign the Company Admin role to another employee or Location Manager.

*If a Location Manager signs in at another location associated with the same account, they will then become a location manager for the location they have signed into.
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*Our support team is available 24x5 via the live chat bubble or support@swipedon.com for any questions or support you may require. 

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