Subscriptions are often not able to renew due to expired credit cards or other issues to do with the registered card. To update your card, please see the following process: 

  • Log into your SwipedOn Web Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the 'Account' tab on the left side of the web dashboard and click on 'Plans and Pricing'
  • Click 'Update Credit Card'.


Some common payment issues:

  • Card Expired - input new card details with the process above.
  • Insufficient funds - there are not enough funds to process the payment.
  • Refer to Card Issuer - please contact your bank to allow the transaction to process.
  • Do Not Honor - your bank will not validate the transaction, please contact them.

All billing history and error messages can be located under the 'Accounts' tab on the left side of the Web Dashboard within the 'Billing Transactions' tab. Click on the 'Download' button to receive proof of payment. 

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